Supplemental Insurance Policies for Employers

Are you an employer seeking to provide a greater benefits package to your workforce?  Our supplemental insurance policies for employers provide coverage for every need. Are you looking for cost containment strategies? Implementing the proper risk transfer strategies will help your company stay competitive in your market. Every company has unique circumstances, and our primary focus is being a trusted partner while helping you grow your business in all functional areas.

Our goal is to gain a better understanding of your individual business needs through a comprehensive review. Once we’ve discussed your current circumstances, learn more about your future goals, concerns, and objective; we can then discuss a variety of benefits solutions. We help our clients navigate some of the financial pitfalls associated with running a business, such as rising Health Care Costs, Recruiting, Employee Morale, Employee Retention, Benefits Administration Technology, rising Workers Compensation costs, and more.

New Public Sector Offerings – Focused on how to save our communities money, add additional value, and solve a variety of concerns from Technology costs, FSA options, Benefit Statements, Benefit Booklets, Value Added Services, or rising PEPM costs.

Employees are the Core of your Business – Ensure you have the right benefits package available – is it affordable, does it offer a variety of options to meet the changing needs of your employees, and is it competitive?  If not, 49% of employees are at least somewhat likely to look at a new job opportunity over the next 12 months.  At least 39% of employees say that an improved benefits package would be one thing an employer could do to keep them in their jobs.

Cost Containment Strategies – Areas of focus:  Reduction in Workers Compensation Frequency Claims, Reduction in improper Health Insurance Utilization, Reduction in Turnover, Guarantee Issue Options

Added Services We Can Provide – At little to no cost:  Updated Technology –Benefit Administrative Platforms, FSA / HSA, Cafeteria Plans, Benefit Statements, Core Enrollments, Education, Beneficiary Updates,  Census Updates, Value Added Services – AD&D, Wellness Programs, Medical Bill Saver, and Financial & Legal Fitness, and Telemedicine

Our voluntary insurance policies are 100% employee paid. Your company is able to expand benefits offerings to your employees without an impact on your bottom line.


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