Supplemental Benefits for Employees

When considering benefits protection for employees, voluntary supplemental insurance provides an extra level of coverage to fill the gaps left by traditional insurance policies. Numerous costs come into play when the unexpected happens that are not covered by basic medical health insurance plans. This includes co-pays and deductibles. Our supplemental health insurance policies pay for bills you would otherwise need to pay out of pocket. We work to protect your family by preventing lost income.

Individual short-term disability insurance will cover you against wage losses if you are temporarily unable to work. In addition to a range of disability coverage options, we provide solutions for stand-alone dental and vision coverage.  These coverage options are available only through payroll deduction from an employer.

Benefits for Employees: Gracey Benefit Solutions focuses on helping families financially so you can focus on the patient, rather than stressing over the financial impact. Many middle-income families work paycheck-to-paycheck and have serious concerns about having enough money in savings to cover expenses in case of an unexpected health crisis or accident. Our insurance products have features and options in place that fit comfortably within your lifestyle and budget, keeping costs manageable and providing much-needed peace of mind.

Employee Owned Benefit Package — Rate Stable (No annual increase in premiums.) — Variety of Guarantee Issue Options

Benefit Options Available:
Individual Short Term Disability (Income Protection) /  Accident Protection / Cancer Protection / Critical Illness Protection / Hospital Protection / Dental / Vision

Our options work to protect your family, your home, and your lifestyle.

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